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Airtag Necklaces: the Ultimate Child Safety Solution

As a mom of three young boys, I know what it’s like to worry about my children’s safety, whether they are jumping off of the top of a playground, or telling me “watch this mom!” as they do another trick on the trampoline. As moms we want to keep our children as safe as possible, am I right? Lucky for us we live in a time where we can use technology to our advantage when it comes to our children's safety. When I first heard about the Apple AirTags, my first thought was - “I can track my child with that!” From then I started figuring out how I could bring this idea to reality. I started coming up with a design and found a manufacturer. Our 4 pack of AirTag Necklaces were created.


The peace of mind I have knowing I can locate my children is priceless, whether we’re at a crowded event, or it’s just another day at the park. One example of how our AirTag necklace came in handy was on the Fourth Of July.

We were at a crowded firework show, there were hundreds of people, and it was very dark. My son ran off with my niece, and we couldn't spot them. My husband quickly jumped on my phone and we were able to locate him using the “Find My” App on my phone. Without the AirTag necklace, fear and worry would have started to set in, but I had peace of mind knowing we could locate my son. 

What they say about us:


I slip the AirTag necklace on my son when he rides his bike to his neighborhood friend’s house. That way I can keep track of where he is and make sure he made it there safe.


This necklace is specifically designed with littles in mind. I wanted to make sure it was a comfortable length, and included a safety buckle on the back, so in the case that your child gets hung up on something, they can easily break free. 


Although the AirTag necklace was made specifically with little ones in mind, I know not everyone has four kids. Use your extra cases for a pet, keys, your purse, or a backpack. Easily locate your items when lost. 

*AirTags not included


Haven is a wife, entrepreneur, and stay at home mom to three young boys. She runs an Amazon business - Planted Seed, and in her spare time loves to work on her business, enjoy the outdoors, and work on house projects/DIY’s. Check out @plantedseedcompany on Instagram to keep in touch, and be the first to know about new product launches!

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