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Gentle sleep training methods


Sleep Consultant Certification- Sweet Sleep Academy

Masters Degree in Teaching - Cal Poly University & Western Governors University

Concentration in Early Childhood Development - Cal Poly University

Preschool and Elementary School Teacher - 2016-Present

Happy Baby

Hello! My name is Kelsey Flores. I am a wife, teacher, and most importantly, mother to our beautiful Payton (who we call Peanut). My postpartum story was far from normal– when Payton was 2 months old, I was diagnosed with an incredibly rare pregnancy related cancer called Choriocarcinoma. In going through chemotherapy with a newborn at home, sleep was no longer a luxury, but a necessity for survival. After extensive research on how to get my baby and myself as much sleep as possible in a developmentally appropriate and gentle way, I emerged with a new passion and a well-adjusted sleeper. At 3.5 months she was napping 2 hour stretches consistently and independently, and by 5 months she was falling asleep on her own and sleeping through the night. This restful sleep helped me to regain my strength and energy, and ultimately my health. Many people think that I just have a "good sleeper”, but my husband and I know that these sleep habits did not come by chance, but by choice. Sleep teaching changed my life, and I am honored to help bring this type of rest and relief to your family.

Sleep training gets a bad rap. We all know families who have traumatizing stories of babies crying for hours at a time, putting unnecessary stress on both the parents and the child. This is not my style nor would it ever be my recommendation.

This is not what I believe formal sleep training needs to be. In fact, I don't believe sleep training needs to be formal at all. I don't even like to call it sleep training. I believe in sleep teaching instead.


What is the difference? Sleep is a skill-- A skill that needs to be learned and taught just like any other skill. Never would you say, "We start rolling over training today!" So why do we do that with sleep? Instead, we do a little bit of tummy time every day and encourage our child to practice these skills gradually until it becomes innate. The same goes for sleeping. There is no need to put a hard start date on "formal sleep training". Rather, we can set up healthy habits that we practice each day until our child develops the skill when they are ready.

I believe sleep teaching is a gradual process that can begin the day you bring your little one home from the hospital. I believe that by analyzing patterns and laying healthy sleep conducive foundations, the majority of sleep issues can be solved before even thinking about a sleep training method. I believe that issues can be tackled one at a time, and these taught skills can transfer to other areas as well. There is no need to work on too much at one time when one thing could help solve the next. I believe that practicing sleep should be a responsive process that feels comfortable to families. Expectations should be realistic and developmentally appropriate. Most importantly, I don't believe sleep teaching should be a dramatic production. By practicing and adjusting one day at a time, your little peanut will learn to sleep peacefully.

My Philosophy

About Me

Kelsey Flores

"Having someone to troubleshoot with is the greatest gift..."

"It did not take much for Kelsey to identify the problems we were having with sleep & find solutions for us."

"She is much happier during her wake windows."

"Naptime is so peaceful now."

Avoid The Confusion
There is so much conflicting information out there. It can be incredibly confusing when trying to decide how to best help your little on. Peaceful Peanut takes the confusion out of it and makes you an easy-to-follow plan that is tailored to your child.

Support When You Need It
Peaceful Peanut provides you with a real person to ask questions to and to troubleshoot with as you navigate your child's sleep. Get answers from an expert when you need them most. 

Get A Personalized Plan
Peaceful Peanut knows that you know your child best. We use your expertise about your own child to create a plan that will work for your family rather than following a one-size-fits-all program. 

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