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I teach you how to navigate your baby's sleep by using gentle, responsive, and effective methods to get the whole family sleeping better. 

If your child is up all night, waking early, fighting naps, resisting bedtime, or just not getting the sleep they need, I am the sleep consultant for you.


My job is not to just tell you what to do. My job is to educate you on what the science says, what is biologically "normal", and what are practical ways your family can meet their sleep goals. 

In case no one's told you today-- you're doing a great job! 

Parenthood is hard. 

Just because you have a baby does not mean you hav
e to be sleep deprived. 

Your child wants a good night slee
p too. 

Teaching your baby to sleep is not selfish. 

Sleep training does not mean cry it out. 



Peaceful Peanut uses methods that are comfortable to all parties. I'm a mom too-- I would never ask you to do something that I wouldn't do with my own daughter. Our suggestions are adaptable to your child's needs while also considering your own mental health. 

Crying it out is not in our vocabulary! Peaceful Peanut uses routines that are responsive every step of the way. Your child will still feel loved and supported, just with more energy now after the great sleep they are getting!


All of Peaceful Peanut's methods are backed by science and proved to be effective We look at all areas that affect sleep, such as awake windows, routines, nutrition, etc., to solve the underlying issues rather than jumping straight to sleep training.


How it works:
1. Schedule a free discovery call to make sure we are the right fit. 
2. Book the service that is right for you (or inquire about custom packages).
3. Fill out the intake form so I can look at all areas that affect your child's sleep and come up with a sleep plan to fit your family.
(We will discuss this during our 1 hour call)

4. Start feeling more confident in tackling your baby's sleep!

baby going to sleep
Kelsey Flores Sleep Consultant

Hi! My name is Kelsey Flores, certified sleep consultant and owner of Peaceful Peanut Infant and Toddler Sleep Consulting. My background is in early childhood development and teaching. After navigating sleep with my own daughter, I developed a passion for infant sleep and decided to take my love for teaching to the parenting world. I am committed to helping families get the restful sleep they need to enjoy parenthood to the fullest. I work with you to prevent, identify, and correct the root cause for sleep disturbances and support you in teaching your little one to sleep using gentle, responsive, and effective methods. Because your family deserves sleep! Ready to get started? 

Are we the right fit?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will you suggest the "cry it out method"?
- Absolutely not! However, you are going to be making changes to what your child is used to, so this process will involve some crying. We will be gentle,
responsive, and supportive, but with any change we must expect some resistance from your infant or toddler. 

Do I have to stop nursing?
- No way! I may suggest repositioning a nursing session, but I would never ask you to stop. 

Will this work?-
can confidently say that I have never seen no improvements as long as the caregivers are following my advice fully, consistently, and as intended. It may take some time, especially with those strong-willed toddlers, but it will work. This is why I build your plan for the long-run. Whether it takes 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months, you will leave our time together prepared and confident in continuing our plan until you see the goals you were reaching for. 

I'm the sleep consultant for you if...

  • You want to be more educated on your child's sleep development more

  • You are looking for a gentle, holistic approach

  • You are willing to make alterations to your child's current sleep habits 

  • You are ready for a change 

We may not be the right fit if...

  • You expect to see instant results (typically gentle methods take a bit longer)

  • You are unwilling the make the changes you child needs

  • You are already sleeping wonderfully (lucky!)


Peaceful Peanut Infant & Toddler Sleep Consulting

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